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Our work has an influence on the lives of people in Louisiana.

At the end of the day, our efforts help build confidence to better inform lawmakers, improve communities, and ensure assets are safeguarded. We help the organizations we serve to meet the needs of Louisiana residents.

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Financial Audit Services

Performs financial statement audits of state agencies, colleges, and universities; Assesses stewardship of public officials and instills public confidence in our government.

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Information Technology Audit Services

Examine computer operations of state agencies, colleges, and universities, and evaluate data integrity and security.

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Investigative Audit Services

Gathers evidence regarding fraudulent or abusive activity affecting government entities; Detects and deters misappropriation of public assets and reduces future fraud risks.

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Local Government Services

Reviews and issues local auditee financial reports submitted by external CPAs, advises local governments on financial, operational, and compliance issues, and provides best practices and educational resources to local governments and those they serve.

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Performance Audit Services

Evaluates the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of programs, functions, and activities of state government.

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Recovery Assistance Audit Services

Ensures that federal disaster recovery funds granted to the state are expended in accordance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

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Learn about the people that make LLA what it is today

Employee Spotlight
Nora’s Story
  • Investigative Audit Services


  • The most exciting thing about working here is that I get to make a real difference for the taxpayers of Louisiana. I get to make people feel heard and feel like their concerns are valid. It's a great place to work. Everyone truly cares about their work, the mission of the agency, and helping the citizens of Louisiana.

Employee Spotlight
Hope's Story
  • Information Technology Audit Services


  • For me, choosing to work in IT Audit was the perfect blend of my IT knowledge with my love of writing and communicating with others. In IT Audit, you are part of a tight-knit group that gets to work together across multiple audits. The state is always changing, and so is your work! No two IT audits are ever the same, so you are always challenged to grow and learn.

Your success is our success

Employee aligned values

We realize that the true value of our agency is in our people, and we are in this for the long term benefits of the communities impacted through our work.

What you could do at LLA

Our deep expertise includes a diverse range of CPAs, public and business administrators, attorneys, data analysts, and IT auditors.

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Our deep expertise includes a diverse range of CPAs, public and business administrators, attorneys, data analysts, and IT auditors.